Dear Clients,

Cambodia Marine Co,Ltd ,has been in service of the community at large, where there is skilled workforce available, keen to work overseas for furtherance of their prospects.

Cambodia Engineers and Technicians are sought-after, the world over, for their technical skills, hard work and the ability to work under trying conditions. They have good knowledge of English and settle down fast in any Multi-cultural & Multi-National environment.

Most of our candidates have overseas experience in Multi-nationals and yet are available at competitive salaries. We wish to enter into a strategic alliance with your organization for recruitment of technical and non-technical staff from Kingdom of Cambodia.

Bringing together the organizations needing such workers for better production and the pool of good skilled workers and this gap has been successfully bridged by the services provided by CMS Kingdom of Cambodia.

Having been in this field for over 10 years, I can foresee a bright future in rendering this service of bringing closer the employers and employees for their mutual prosperity.

We do feel that there is ample scope for us to work for you to fulfil your needs in manpower. If necessary we can meet, discuss and finalize other terms and conditions to our mutual business interests.

We can assure you of complete satisfaction with our style of operation, confidentiality as well as fruitful results.

Best wishes, 
Stephen Chow

Our Client’s

Our clients are involved in Petro-chemicals, Oil & Gas, Power sector, Heavy Engineering, Consultancy, Construction, Maintenance, Hotels, Departmental stores, Hospitals, Catering and Manufacturing business.

Quality Systems

Cambodia Marine  is a firm believer in Quality Systems and implemented these in their operations long before it became mandatory. As early as 2010, Cambodia Marine  obtained the CMS Document of Compliance. In the same year, the company also set up an Audit team, reporting directly to the top management, to carry out periodic internal audits and also to ensure that at any given time, the vessels are ready for external audits to be conducted by outsiders.

In addition, Cambodia Marine   has obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 certification. All the vessels under Cambodia Marine management had received CMS Safety Management Certificates by 2010, including those vessels requiring certification only in 2010. More importantly, the Audit Team has succeeded over the years to make the Company’s Quality and Safety Policy, and Protection of the Environment, to be the paramount working philosophy of the crew onboard the vessels.

This is the reason, we believe, why none of the vessels under Cambodia Marine were detained in the recent past despite having been subjected to about 100 Port State Control inspections.


ISO 14001:2010

The policy of the Company is to conduct its operations in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to protect the environmentand the planet earth for a better life for the present and future generations. Company has established the environment management system (CMS) in order to achieve this goal.

In implementing its policy the Company will make all efforts through its operations to: 

  • Minimize pollution caused to the marine environment.
  • Comply with all national, international legislations and regulations pertaining to pollution of environment.
  • Establish procedures for the efficient use of natural resources. 
  • Improve environmental awareness of all employees.
  • Ensure effective monitoring- of the environmental performance of the Company is carried out. 
  • Ensure continual improvement of the environmental performance and pollution prevention.

The Company will set targets and objectives for the improvement of environmental management and will publish details of its environmental performance to the public. 

All employees have a role to play in caring for the environment. The company has a designated person to be responsible for environmental issues and environmental responsibilities are allocated to line management throughout the organization. 

This policy will be subject to periodic review to ensure it continues to meet the Company's environmental requirements. 

Quality and Safety Policy

The Company Cambodia Marine  (CMS) was established in Cambodia in 2010 and, are in business as ship managers to provide services of Technical Management to our Principals, who have entrusted their vessels to us. CMS manages "Bulk Carriers" and "Other Cargo ships".

The Company fully endorses a policy whereby Safety and the Protection of the environment is foremost. Our objective is dedicated to provide our customers, safe, reliable, efficient and quality services, which meet the agreed specifications. In doing so we will strive to ensure maritime safety, prevention of human injury or loss of life at sea, avoid damage to property and the environment. We will also maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment, free from the unauthorized and indiscriminate use of Drugs & Alcohol.

In order to achieve this policy, the company has established the Quality & Safety Management System (CMS) complying with the requirements of the International Safety Management (CMS) Code, and the ISO 9001:2010 standards. In order to maintain conformity and improve the effectiveness of this system, I will continually monitor and review the system regularly.

I promise to take full responsibility for the implementation of the CMS, and endeavour that all personnel within the office, Master and crew-members on board vessels, shall perform their duties in accordance with the requirement of the CMS. It is our belief that with proper training, compliance with the international rules and regulations and company standards, we will be able to achieve this policy.

The responsibility for supervision and maintenance of CMS has been entrusted to the Technical Manager, who is also the Designated Person Ashore and the Quality Management Representative. He has the responsibility to point out problems and deficiencies in the system and to propose or implement suitable solutions and countermeasures. 

All personnel belonging to the company ashore and on board the ships under management are strongly requested to adhere to this policy.